Homeschool Update!

Ok so we are about two months in and we are enjoying it! When we first decided to homeschool this year I thought we were going to have rug time and use video lessons and start at 8am sharp well let me tell you that went out the window the third day. We BOTH hated it. I felt my daughter becoming stressed which then stressed me out causing us to fight. Not how I wanted this to go. So then we started at 10 after having breakfast, doing morning chores, and of course playing with her brothers. This schedule has been perfect for us because by the time we are ready to start “school” the youngest is ready for his nap which in turn helps me give her my full attention unless the middle needs help with something and sometimes he joins us and does his own worksheets. 🙌 For curriculum we are using the 2nd grade Abeka books. I’m teaching short lessons along with the corresponding workbook pages. I don’t go all out in our lessons and I don’t stick to the lesson plan word for word. If she gets it we move on. We do spelling, reading comprehension, science, arithmetic, and phonics/English, and a daily devotion. We also read a lot, mostly science books, poem books, and good ole Junie B. Jones, whatever engages her. So far we’ve only taken a field trip to the zoo, but once it starts cooling off we are going to the pumpkin patch at a working farm and to an apple orchard and learn how to bake a fresh apple pie together and in the winter we will be visiting the local children’s theatre and the Nutcracker Ballet. We swim just about everyday still and she does dance once a week. The rest of our time is spent baking, crafting, chores, making enough slime to probably fill a bath tub, and lots of playing and just letting them be kids.

It’s definitely not always rainbows and butterflies though. So don’t you dare think I’m some perfect human who has it all figured out. We have good days and we have hard days. Today was a good day full of learning along with fun and family but yesterday was like pulling teeth for school work to be focused on and the sibling fighting was on my last nerve. On the hard days I just try to have grace for not only them but for myself. We are all different people with unique personalities and we are always around one another so I don’t expect us to be perfect, it’s impossible, we are human. I just pray extra on those days, mostly for extra patience. 😉 On the hard days I like to look back to the reasons I chose to homeschool and the pros will forever outweigh the cons.

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