We start home school tomorrow for the first time EVER!!

Ahhh it’s hours away from being here. Tomorrow. The day my daughter and I have picked to begin the home school journey. Am I anxious? Duh. Am I worried? Mhmm hmm. Am I stressed? A little. But am I excited? Yes. Yes. & Yes. WE are excited! I’m happy we started this new journey, it just feels right. Keeping my baby girl home with her family and the people that love her the most, the people that actually know her is such an amazing feeling. I know this journey is going to be hard and long and difficult, but I also know that as a family we are going to be so much more connected and as I get older I’m starting to realize how much I desire deep relationships. My kids are my purpose and the thought of losing 18,720 hours to public or private school with people they barely know or know them actually breaks my heart. I only get so much time with these babies, before I know it they will be grown and off into the world. So yes I’m excited and grateful and anxious and worried all in one. However, no matter how I feel God and grace has me. They will hold me through this journey and the next. God will never abandoned me in the middle and that is something I can hang my hat on when the feelings are overbearing and my mind is racing with the what if’s. Ahhh we are really doing it y’all! So crazy!

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