I’m going to homeschool & I’m scared to death.

Ok I’m going to do it, I’m going to homeschool. Y’all, am I crazy? Sometimes I feel like I am or I might be going that direction. I know the Bible tells us that God has given us a sound mind but sometimes….

I also know that the word tells us to not fear HUNDREDS of times, but I am terrified of this next season. My anxiety runs rampant with what if’s. What if my child doesn’t learn anything from me, or she won’t listen, or her two younger brothers go crazy while I’m trying to teach the oldest, or worse I fail at it. Like I said, rampant. I know that all these thoughts are normal, it’s a big change from public school. There was nothing wrong with sister’s school, it is a great school, but God was tugging on my heart strings to bring her home. And of course I kept telling him no, no way I have enough patience for this, no way am I good enough to do such a task. Oh the enemy is sly isn’t he? He plants these seeds of doubt in our mind, and try’s to waver our thoughts from what is good and right for our family. But our God is bigger than any of these enemy driven thoughts and anxieties. I have been praying like crazy, praying for guidance, praying for LOTS of patience, praying for wisdom and peace and so much more and I have no idea what this next season of our life is going to hold, but I’m going to trust the one who holds it all. If your on the fence like I was, and your questioning everything all I can say to do is PRAY. And if your on the fence about it, there’s a reason your up there in the first place, it’s not by chance. So open your hearts and let the Holy Spirit guide you, He never waivers and He won’t leave you in the middle of the journey or when things get hard or when people say your crazy. You and I (or our children) will not be perfect in this journey of homeschooling, but remember his grace covers us, this is all we need to know and all we need.

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